1/26/12 Malice release "The Battle" the single off the upcoming Malice ablum Triumph and Glory.  Only 1 place to hear it and that is on Romanian radio.  It wont be released anywhere else for several weeks yet.  Listen here.

filming is complete on Sons of Rock Music video, Malice album Triumph and Glory due to release soon. 

12/19/11 The Metal Warrior's band MALICE is set to start filming their first music video.  Filming is scheduled to begin early January

12/24/10 Both new releases Christmas Baby Please Come Home, and Metal Canon have be well received and have generated a lot of attention world wide.  Both songs are now being played on radio stations in Europe as well as in the USA.

12/23/10 METAL CANON now available as a free mp3 download. For a limited time only.

12/20/10 Christmas Baby Please Come Home mp3 is now available for free download.

12/14/10     Due out on December 20th just in time for the Holiday's The Metal Warrior will release "HEAVY METAL CHRISTMAS"  a CD and MP3 single featuring the Heavy Metal remake of a classic Christmas song.  To make things even better the mp3 will be available as a FREE download to all members of "The METAL WARRIOR" fan club and the "MALICE" fan club.  Join one or both of these fan clubs on Facebook today, to receive a free Copy of "HEAVY METAL CHRISTMAS"

The Metal Warrior's solo project has been put on hold for the time being.  He currently is working on a Studio album with his Pure Metal Band which has been a lot time goal of the Warrior's.  And now it seems the time has come as he has gotten together a group of talented individuals and has a great core of songs already written.  And is set to start recording them in the near future.

                Sample of New Song added to the site, "The March of death" an instrumental piece that is meant to "Shake the Walls, Crack the Earth and strike fear into the heart of Satan himself" will be released on the  upcoming debut Album "The Saga of Darkwolphitza".  There has been much excitement about the upcoming album.  So far the buzz has been great.  "The Saga of Darkwolphitza" will unleash an new Era of Heavy Metal, the much anticipated Debut of The Metal Warrior is sure to take the world by storm and go above and  beyond the high expectations it has already gotten.


Upcoming Schedule of Events


 12/15/11 7am  shooting music video for "Sons of Rock" scheduled to begin 
 11/2/11 ??  Begin final mixing on Debut ablum 
 9/18/2010 12:00  Starting all final recordings with entire band 
 July All Day
Promo and PR Tour, Europe
5/10/09 Morning Susan G Komen Race for Cure event
2/1/09-? until its complete Recording Studio
all day
European Promotional tour

"A warrior...feeds his body well; he trains it; works on it. Where he lacks knowledge, he studies. But above all he must believe. He must believe in his strength of will, of purpose, of heart and soul."

Team Warrior (Warrior Industries LLC)

Kevin "Kage" Denny---Graphic design

Kevin Suchy ---- Album Graphics

Alin Grigore ----- Album Artwork

Dusty Fields ----
North American Public Relations

Curtis Richter----CJR clothing designer and tailor

Kimberly Bendaris ----- Head of Merchandise

Troy Niebergall -----Producer/live sound

Chad Helmonds----Engineer

Jason Davis ----- Management

Christmas Baby Please Come Home
Into Destiny (Demo Version)
The March of Death (Demo version)

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